What is it?

MetaNSUE is a meta-analytic method...

... that allows an unbiased inclusion...
... of studies with Non-statistically significant unreported effects (NSUEs)

Why is this important?

A number of published studies may not report any statistics (e.g. t- or p-values) from those findings that did not reach statistical significance. They just specify that the effects were not statistically significant.

Using simple simulations, it can be shown that exclusion of these studies leads to strong positive biases, whereas considering these effects as null leads to negative biases.

MetaNSUE uses maximum likelihood estimation and multiple imputation techniques to unbiasedly include these studies.

How do I get it?

a) If you are not an R user, or if you just prefer to use a graphical interface (which may be wise many times!), download the MetaNSUE GUI:

Windows MetaNSUE GUI for Windows

Linux MetaNSUE GUI for Linux

Mac OSX MetaNSUE GUI for Mac OSX

Note that you must still install the software R link (freely available), even if you will not use it.


b) If you are an R user, you might install the R package "metansue" (which is also wise!):


How do I use it?

To get started with MetaNSUE, please read our simple GUI tutorial link.

Ant do go beyond, please read the R manual link for more information.

How do I cite it?

You can use MetaNSUE for free... but please cite our work   ;-)

Original method: Radua J, Schmidt A, Borgwardt S, Heinz A, Schlagenhauf F, McGuire P, Fusar-Poli P.
Ventral Striatal Activation During Reward Processing in Psychosis: A Neurofunctional Meta-Analysis.
JAMA Psychiatry 2015;72(12):1243-51 link

Current method: Albajes-Eizagirre A, Solanes A, Radua J.
Meta-analysis of Non-statistically Significant Unreported Effects (MetaNSUE).
Statistical Methods in Medical Research in Press link

Any other doubt?

Please contact Joaquim Radua link at radua at clinic dot cat.